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If your company has reached the stage where it needs a new investor, and you are making that important decision as to which investor to chose, then why not contact Langholm.

The Langholm team has considerable experience of investing in consumer-facing businesses alongside owner/managers and entrepreneurs, and then working successfully with them as investment partners. Given our approach to creating future shareholder value, and the experience and resources at our disposal, a two stage realisation process can often be the best way to diversify your investment holding and benefit from the fulfilment of the potential that you have created.

Quite often, the entrepreneur faces that tricky dilemma of when to sell, unsure of whether the time is right or not, and wanting to avoid selling either too early or too late.

If you would like to discuss confidentially your plans and find out whether Langholm would be the right investment partner, please contact us to arrange a meeting and get to know us.

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