Consumer Focus

What attracts us are companies with a strong entrepreneurial flair, with the desire to challenge themselves and grow.

Langholm’s preferred investment area is high growth, consumer-oriented companies that make optimum use of changing trends in consumer behaviour, in short, companies that anticipate change.  We look especially at these sub-sectors:

Health and Wellbeing – "Just feeling better and looking great"

Products and services that meet consumers’ everyday needs for health, wellness and personal vitality – for example:

  • Functional food products
  • Healthy/natural food and drinks
  • Herbal and non-prescription dietary supplements
  • Cosmetics, personal care and anti-ageing products
  • Non-prescription personal diagnostics
  • Sports and fitness equipment and services
  • Holistic wellbeing products and services

Convenience - "It only takes a minute"

Products and services which are tailored to meet the needs of increasingly time-pressed modern lifestyles - for example:

  • “On-the-go” food and drink
  • Gourmet/quality meals and snacking
  • Online/mail order shopping, 24hr retail and services
  • Concierge services, personal shopping
  • Home maintenance, cleaning, plumbing, gardening

Serving an Ageing Population – "Life begins at"

Products and services that address the increasing needs, expectations and spending power of older people – for example:

  • Products and services that enhance quality of life
  • Products and services that target older “activities”
  • Products and services that facilitate retirement
  • Medical services/treatments/diagnostics/care
  • Specialised financial services

Securing a Better World – "It’s the only planet we’ve got"

Products and services that target the growing interest of consumers in sustainable living, ethical consumption and personal security – for example:

  • “Green” products and eco-tourism
  • Fair-trade brands and, ethical companies
  • Solutions for the “sustainable consumer”
  • Domestic security and personal safety

Branded Innovations and Experiences – "I’ll remember that"

Products and services offering consumers new or unique benefits and experiences which are branded and difficult to copy – for example:

  • Indulgence and affordable luxury
  • Heritage and provenance brands
  • New consumer niches
  • Unique retail and out-of-home experiences
  • Solutions for individuals that provide tailor-made products and services
  • Niche financial services

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